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Sunday, March 28, 2010

GOD's Calling

I attended a sportsman's supper tonight at a local church. Of course they entertained us with some very nice displays, and a long time sportsman who has been saved spoke about hunting and becoming saved while he was a grown man.
They also fed us a wonderful supper and gave away a few door prizes. Two of my family members won a prize each. I however may have received the biggest prize of the evening.
The speaker for the evening talked about how he had video of two bucks fighting, and told us how he came about getting that video. Then, with man made calls duplicated the sounds of those two bucks fighting.
Without trying to describe the sounds, you can imagine the noises were intense and fierce as well. The speaker described the battle and duplicated the sounds to perfection. I can attest to this from all the hunting videos I have watched.
Now to the prize I received.
As he was talking about Jesus and his return being hailed at the sound of a trumpet, the speaker suggested that sound may be the sound of a bull elk. In case you did not know this, the bull elk makes a sound that can best be described as bugling. Bull elk do in fact bugle, not with a horn, but through their throat. If you have ever heard this sound it's amazing, and very loud.
Much like the burning bush we discussed in an earlier blog post, I have to wonder if the sounds of GOD's callings can be like the bull elk, and the whitetail deer.
The whitetail is in fact a shy, and quiet animal for most of it's life. Very few times do we get to hear a whitetail vocalize it's self and be able to describe the vocalization as anywhere near the term "loud".
Sometimes GOD has to be really vocal with us to get our attention. Another time it may just be a whisper, or a slow drizzling rain.
As soft as a cloud, and hard as a hammer.
Is GOD calling you today? Can the message get through? Will you listen to his calling?
Think about these things for a minute. Ask GOD if he has been calling to you, I would bet my life he has.
May GOD bless each of you.

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