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Thursday, March 4, 2010

When Moses saw the burning bush, what inspired him to go on the mountain to get a closer look? Could it have been divine guidance, or merely Man's curios nature. How was it that he was the only person in all the world to see the bush?
How would you have reacted? Does God send us "burning bush" signals today? Have we become so insensitive to his wishes that we can't see them?
Theses questions and more beg to be answered.
I hope each of us has the ability to see the signals when God wants us to do something, or be somewhere.
We can witness firsthand the destruction of whole cities, in God's plan for the future of the world. If we read and believe Revelations, then we know the end is coming.
Are you ready? If not, why? All the signs are there. All the future has been told, and we have been informed since our youth, that this world is nothing more than a stopping place in our eternal lives. A proving ground if you will.
So, since the question has been asked, do you see the burning bush?

I pray to God that you all have.

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