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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Yesterday we learned that Selena Dodd has been fitted for a wheel chair, and her physical therapy is coming along well. Miss Dodd has been through an awful lot lately, so let's keep her and her family in our prayers.
Many people take the things in life for granted, and I am no exception to the rule. Fully realizing that nothing I have is mine, and nothing that has been given to me I got on my own. I still end up saying "I" worked for it, or I earned it, or even I made that.
Let's all try to keep in mind that if God had not intended to allow us these gifts, we would never see them as ours.
God is responsible for allowing me to be healthy enough to work, intelligent enough to make my own decisions, and has given me my blessings in life.
I was blessed with a wonderfully large family. My Dad has two sisters that are still living, and one that has passed. My Mom has five sisters that are still alive, and two that have passed. Spending most of youth going to family gatherings on my Mom's side I was truly blessed in having many cousins. Now when we all get together it is no problem for there to be 50 of us. That is truly a blessing.
I'm sure you are tired of my ramblings on, so I will leave you with this...

GOD Bless each of you.

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