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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Loved Ones...

The loss of a loved one is a truly sad time in our lives, and really shouldn't be.
The hope and prayer of every Christian should be that all of their loved ones are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, and that love was accepted by the loved one that just passed. If that is the case then joy should fill your heart, and the love of GOD will fill you with comfort, and confidence to get you through your loss.
Yes, you feel a loss, and sometimes loneliness will creep in. Alas you are not alone. Rest assured that Christ Jesus is with us always, and will be there to guide us as he sees fit, if we will just let him.
If you are a witness, say your prayers for the family asking for GOD's love, and that the loved who just passed had the knowledge and love of GOD.

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