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Monday, August 8, 2011

Are You Comfortable?

 Think long and hard about that question in the title. If you have your life close to what you want it to be, are you comfortable? If your job is secure and pays well, are you comfortable?
 If there are clothes on your back, that you like and they fit well, are you comfortable? If you have your choice of food or the ability to pick any restaurant you want for a meal, are you comfortable?
  We could go on and on with this line of questions, but I think you get my point. We as Christians need to reach out more to help those in our communities to be more comfortable. You could clean out your closet, and donate all of those nice clothes, that no longer fit to your local Christian Mission store. You will help keep someone in a job, and allow those less fortunate than you to purchase quality clothing at a fraction of the department store prices.
 We all know what our country is going through, without going into politics, we need to help other Americans now, more than ever. Remember also, that those non-Americans that are in our country, are here because we live in the land of milk and honey. A blessing in itself.
 Do the Christian deeds that show your faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

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