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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Politics & Religion - Tackling the tough post..

I have been wanting to write this for a long time. It has taken me years to get to this position of having my own blog for Christian principles, and trying to live life the right way. There is just no way to get around this. It is our responsibility to insure that our politicians are grounded in a strong foundation of faith.

You see, God does not see us as Republicans and Democrats. He sees us as his. Plain, simple, truth.

The national and local news broadcasts provides us with information that can not be ignored. I am not talking about the side discussions, the political shows, or the very slanted views of far right winged broadcasters or those on the left either. I am talking about the headlines. That is about all you can count on as "truth" in television journalism these days. All the other talking points and such are filled with slanted opinion and biased reporting.

All of that was to say this. I will not endorse any television company, nor will I trash one either. I will not believe an entire news broadcast, I will however, research the headlines, when they warrant attention.

It is our responsibility to insure we have the correct knowledge of each politician we vote for, therefore we must disseminate the truth from the headlines in the news. Of course, when the headline reads like this..
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - A congressman who sent an X-rated photo of himself jeopardized his reputation and his job. But in many states, teens caught doing the same thing can risk felony charges, jail time and being branded sexual offenders.
It is our responsibility in this case to insure this man never gets elected or selected in politics of any form. Keeping this kind of individual out of leadership roles in our government is paramount to our Lord, and should be equally important to us as Christians.

I will have another post up soon describing the importance of the upcoming elections, and what we as Christians can do to stem the tide of those who wish to see us fail.
Until then, keep the faith. And GOD bless.

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