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Monday, August 22, 2011

Why is the Next Presidential Election Important?

Many of you don't like to mix politics and religion. If you are dead set against them being talked about together, go ahead and leave now. Go ahead, we'll wait until the room clears if we have to. It won't stop us from talking about them, or standing up for the truth.
It is my belief that Satan uses excuses like those, to keep us from having GOD in all aspects of our life. Excuses like "you can't mix politics and religion" mean that someone wants to do something less than upright, and truthful before GOD.
This post is to instruct you otherwise. You are not only supposed to mix politics and religion, they should have never been separated to begin with. At no time has GOD said, do not put my name in the hearts and minds of your leaders. In fact he wants us to pray with, and for our leaders, so that we can all raise our voices up as one to him.
That is why our country was blessed to begin with, so that we could worship him as we please. Not so that we could leave him at the curb of Pennsylvania Avenue while we as men dictate our country's future.
Furthermore, we are not to accept the laying to waste of the National Day of Prayer. This world needs prayer, now more than it ever has. Who in their right mind would tell you otherwise?
Unfortunately, the President of the United States, that's who.
Now, if you had shown up at the White House on the starting day of Ramadan(sp) with your prayer rug, and Qua-ran, you would have been accepted as a believer. Since you were not there, you are among the masses as an infidel.
We can not allow this type of thought take control of our country. Just as we must not allow the evil that has befallen a large part of Congress to continue to make life altering decisions for us as Americans.
Learn all you can about your Congressional candidates, go to their public speeches. If you do not like what you hear, find another one. Do this until you find a candidate, or become a candidate. It is up to us to change Congress, and the White House. Let's turn them back over to GOD.

Go out and VOTE!

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