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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to Bethlehem

 After their incredibly long journey to the city of Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph started looking for a place to stay the night. Beaten down, tired and weary from the trek across the rough terrain, all in the name of paying the King's taxes, and taking part in the first census of mankind. Mary and Joseph finally arrive at Bethlehem.
 Everyone that had been born in the City of David, was back in town for the required census.
 They found out real quick, there was only one Inn for the town, and it was full.
 His wife, filled with the time of child, needed a place to lay down, so Joseph begged the Inn keeper to let them stay in the manger. The Inn keeper had compassion on them, and opened the manger for  Mary and Joseph.
A manger is where the animals of the guests would be kept, watered, and fed. Like what most of us call a barn. There would be hay, and water for the beasts of burden, also there would be very little in the way of sanitation.
Stop and think of the smells, the sounds of the different animals, and the complete lack of comfort that would await you there.

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