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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Time Is At Hand

 During the stay in Bethlehem, Mary's appointed time had come, and she gave birth to a son. His name was called Jesus, and he was the Holy Son of God.

 While happy that the birth happened, as the angel had told her it would, there were some strange things beginning to happen. There were stories of a star hanging over the Inn. Though Mary was yet unable to get out and see this star that shone above them, many visitors started coming to the manger at the Inn, to see what had happened.

  Shepherds from the fields, visited and told stories of a great visitation from a host Angels, and how the Angel instructed them where to go, to see the new born. Even more surprising, was the fact that a heavenly host with good tidings, was calling this newborn, a King!

Sometime soon after more visitors arrived from out of town. They had traveled far from different countries, and even visited the royalty of that country, and informed Herod of their purpose, and the reason of their journey.

Mary could not understand the reason that three Kings from another part of the world, would travel so far to see her child. Trusting in God, she kept the sayings of these noble travelers close to her heart. They came with gifts, and wisdom in the form of another heavenly visitation, where the three wise men, were told to leave this country in another direction, and avoid Herod, who was evil.

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