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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Wedding Guest

 There are times in the life of each person where critical decisions are made. Some are readily noticeable as really important. Others? Not so much.

 Take for instance your wedding day. Many important decisions were made to get to the actual day of your marriage, the least of which was to either ask someone for their hand in matrimony, or answer the question.

 What about your choice of music? Is that important?

 You have carefully chosen when, where, and even what colors will be worn during the ceremony. You had to pick and choose whom you wanted as bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Even whom to invite, and not to invite were choices you may have struggled with.

 Did you forget the most important guest? I certainly hope not. You won't have to plan on feeding this guest. No rooms will need to be reserved, no parking space will be needed, nor any special seating planned for their comfort.

 I ask that you invite your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into your marriage plans. It's an insurance policy, and a warm comforter all in one. The best thing is, it's never too late to invite him into your marriage. I pray that each of you are blessed with the comfort that his word can bring into your lives as husband and wife.

GOD Bless....

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