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Monday, July 16, 2012

Have We Learned Anything?

 America has enemies.

 If you don't believe that, then I can't help you. It is plain a simple, we must never bow to those who would impose their will on us as a country. It does not matter if they live inside or outside of our borders. Our enemies have learned that they can not take us by force, so their tactics have been more politically based.

 Most of our Congressmen and Senators are lawyers. Therefore they can complicate things for us who are not. Our enemies know this. That is why with only two phone calls, we see this happen in Florida.

 It is a sad day in our country, one that we need to turn around starting with the election of 2012. I do not care which party you vote for, just make a change, and send the message to congress. "We are tired of this nonsense!"

 Congress must become less powerful, and be more responsible for it's actions. If we do not change things ourselves, we have only us to blame.

 GOD bless America!

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