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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fearless and True

Did you pray for your players this week? Tell me about it! If you haven't msgd your info to KB, you can do that on twitter. Send him a message at autigerbloggin and he will fix a login up for you. I prayed for players 60 and up. I kind of divided them up and prayed for about 12 or so a night. This is more than about praying for a 'win'. I just feel that these guys are being faced with many things. If you didn't hear, the guys were dealt another blow with the death of their friend, Joe Bagwell, a student assistant with the team. I have heard more and more about players giving accounts of coming to know God during their college years. Because more are coming to know Jesus, Satan is going to attack. Let's give them support.

If you aren't sure about what to pray for, read up on your guys. I have prayed for them for protection, health,  happiness, safety, and then if there was something I knew about the player individually, I tried to pray for that, too.

This week is an off week but let's keep praying for them.

If you can't  or dont want to do it, please let me know so we can make sure each player gets prayed for individually.

Christy 1-20.
KB 21-40
Johnathan 41-60
Sam 61-80
Mike 80 and above and the coaches

If you know someone else that wants to join up, let me know.

Tell me about how you saw God moving in the players you prayed for! I got to pray for Emory this week. What I saw Saturday was a young man encouraging his teammates. I saw a kid standing tough in a hard-hitting game. I got to pray for Angelo Blackson. I noticed he made some big plays.

Col 4:2
Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

Let me know!
War Eagle!


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  1. P.S I went back and read KB's acct of praynig for Kris and then hearing he was going to be baptized!! Amazing!