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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Great Lie

 Despite what you might think, there is a racial divide in America. It's being kept alive by the Democratic party, because it suits their needs. America unfortunately has fallen for these tactics once again.

 I am not worried about this President being able to exploit its views of what America should be for his rich and powerful cronies. We as citizens have a checks and balances system working right now, to slow the roll of the corrupt government ideology of spend, and borrow. As long as those in the House of Representatives do their job, we will be safe, all of us. Regardless of color or party affiliation.

 Where the biggest concern comes from, is the completely erroneous idea that because you are poor, the Democratic party will take care of you. They never have, and they never will. When first elected, Barrack Hussein Obama promised to share the wealth. There currently resides many more households below the poverty line than when he first took office. Looks more like he intends to share the poverty.

  The fact that Americans have fallen for this completely, has me wondering why we don't have a much better education system. That must be George Bush's fault as well. Of course explaining that the Democrats had complete control of all spending in Congress the final years of the Bush administration has been conveniently kept out of the conversation.

 The percentages of those in the poverty ranks are decidedly Black Americans. A saddening but true fact. That is right where the Democratic party wants them. Wealth has not, and will not be shared. While seemingly being a great campaign strategy because it worked, it was and is a lie. Until next time.

God bless America.

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