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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

 In a story reported by way back in August of 2010, a lone gunman had left his home with two loaded handguns, drove to a school where his brother is a janitor, and waited for an opportunity to be buzzed inside. 

 The actions of an armed black female officer certainly saved many young lives, and others as well. Below is a few parts of the article which can be seen HERE.  

 -Cowan trained a .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol at Riden’s face, said Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson. Carolyn Gudger, the school resource officer, drew her gun, then shielded the principal’s body with her own.

 -Sullivan County dispatch sent out a chilling alert: “Man with a gun at Central High School.”

 -With the announcement, teachers sprang into action – locking doors and papering over windows, turning off the lights and closing window blinds. Students huddled in the corners of classrooms, sitting in the darkness and searching for information with a storm of text messages.

The questions I have are these. 
Why has this story never made the national headlines? 
Why wasn't this example set by a brave lady used as a model for the safety of our children? 
Could the adoption of having trained armed personnel guarding our schools prevented the atrocity of Sandy Hook?  

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