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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prayers Needed

CtC Friends,

My dear friend Katie has had a terrible tragedy. A few weeks ago, she delivered a 1 lb baby at 24.5 weeks pregnant. Katie has some serious medical conditions herself, but was able to deliver her older son with no major problems. Katie was in extreme distress and she spent time in ICU herself after delivery. On Sunday, the baby, 'Christian Michael' passed away. Please keep my friends Katie and David and  big brother John in your prayers. They are precious people. Katie is still physically struggling. She just recently was able to walk up some steps. Please pray for peace for their hearts and physical healing for Katie. They are having a celebration of life tomorrow in their home church in  North Carolina. I will share any updates, but please be praying for Katie, her husband David and their son John. Katie was my first friend in college and she met David shortly after. I have been friends with them for almost 20 years. They mean a lot to me.

Thank you all,

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