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Friday, March 21, 2014

Cancer Free

This ordeal started over 6 months ago.

In September of last year Sue was at her chiropractors visit, when a routine X-ray revealed a spot on her lung. After being told the spot was probably scar tissue Sue decided to see a specialist to get a colonoscopy  and an EDG. The specialist confirmed the spot was most likely scar tissue, but scheduled a follow up,  just three months later.

The bad news came when the follow up occurred and the spot had grown slightly. After a biopsy was scheduled, and consequently we found out that it was indeed cancer.

The back story to all of this is that Sue had lost her Father, and her Brother to lung cancer. Both were diagnosed much later in their disease rate, and developed brain cancer along with the other complications. To say we were worried is a severe understatement.

Through all of this Sue has been a rock of strength. She said that she had turned all of it over to God, and that she was not going to worry about any of this. You could see the fear in her sometimes, but she was really an inspiration through all of this.

Today, we received the very best news. Sue's Doctor read her the final pathology report telling her that she was cancer free, and that she would not need chemo-therapy.

Sue has asked me to thank each of you for your prayers, and wants to give each of you a hug, in spirit.

God bless.


  1. That's awesome news! Continued blessings for you both!

  2. Thanks Claire,
    Prayers were definitely answered.
    Blessing for you and yours as well.

  3. I'm late on this news. That is a true miracle!!!