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Saturday, March 1, 2014


As I continue to age, I find myself wanting to prove my existence. I want to know without a doubt, why I am here. Why am I blessed, because of this limited knowledge that I possess, with an ability to communicate in such simple terms, my beliefs?

There are some things, my core beliefs, that I know will never change, because of the path that I have led to this point. Baptized at an early age, I drifted so far away from my upbringings, and Sunday school  lessons, that I would never have been seen as a saved Christian, much less a born again man.

The only true regret that I live with is this, I wish I had been much stronger in my faith as a young man.

So, it is with life, mistakes have been made, and learning and healing are a major part of maturity. Mine, came much later than most. I thank God each time we talk for the blessings he has bestowed upon me, and in my life.

It is with this maturity, that I find myself questioning some of my beliefs, and searching for answers as to why I believe the things I do. Many major topics arise in this search. Their subjects range from the death penalty to same sex marriage. Death and life as it were.

My only trusted source for these truths is the King James version of the Holy Bible. I must start there, for answers. That alone, brings more questions. Of top priority is asking one simple question. Was the interpretation of the Hebrew texts done correctly? Then I have to ask, was there a purpose to this mission if you will, other than a simple need to translate God's holy word?

As I continue along this path in search of knowledge, I will post on this blog some of my findings. I encourage you to comment at any time, the feelings and beliefs that you have. You will do so without fear of ridicule from this blog, I can promise you that. The subject matter will be challenging at times, and simple as pie at other times.

It should be an interesting journey, won't you join me?

May God bless you all.

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