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Monday, September 29, 2014

High School Football Player Dies from Aneurysm

Pray for the family of DeMario Harris, Jr.  DeMario was the 17 year old player from Charles Henderson High School in Troy, AL who died on the field Friday night of a brain aneurysm versus Davidson.  The aneurysm was believed to be the result of prior concussions.  The hit that caused his death was a routine tackle which he made and got to his feet before collapsing.

Here is an excerpt from the Troy Messenger (

"Harris, who was a senior cornerback,  collapsed on the 

field and was taken to Troy Regional Medical Center 

before being transported to Southeast Alabama Medical 

Center in Dothan, where he was pronounced dead on 

Sunday, according to a hospital spokesperson.  

Demario Harris, the CHHS football player who 

collapsed during a game on Friday, has died. He was 17. 

Harris, known as “Squirrel” to his classmates and 

friends, played with Charles Henderson’s state 

runner-up football team in 2013 and had

 eight interceptions during his junior year and broke up 

10 passes, forced three fumbles and made 75 tackles. He

has received scholarship offers to play football from 

both Jacksonville State and Murray State. Dr. Lee Hicks, 

superintendent of the Troy City Schools, has described 

 Harris as “a perfect gentleman,” adding that he was an 

outstanding athlete and student. “We appreciate the

prayers and support for the family and for the whole 

CHHS and Troy City Schools family. The community has 

been very supportive, and we appreciate that.”   

Homecoming activities planned for this week have been 


Funeral arrangements have not been released."

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