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Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Freedom "of" Religion

Further evidence of our Government's eradication of our constitutional rights has reared it's ugly head in Maryland. 
Muslim leadership has objected to allowing a "Christmas" break in the school calendar year, and wanted to add a Muslim holiday break as well. In this story by News 96.5 local leaders decided to do away with the name of the holiday break. 
It's another in the long line of political moves to not offend anyone. One more step away from our Christian heritage in this country. 

Not calling it a Christmas, or Birth of Christ break is failing to acknowledge all that we hold dear as Americans.
Our gov't has failed once again to protect our heritage, and our constitution by moving toward freedom from religion, not for religion.
Our laws protect you as citizens if you choose not to participate in a Christmas holiday. They are not in place to eliminate the founding principals of our country's constitution.

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