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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Troubling Times in College Football

 It's not a secret. Most of you know that I am a college football fan. More than any other, college sports are the embodiment of ideals like team, passion, and all for one. Which breaks my heart to little bitty pieces when stories like the alleged sexual abuse at Penn State, by one of it's coaches, surfaces.

Let us not forget that the accused is innocent, until proven guilty, in our court systems. The media frenzy surrounding this news, is enormous, and there will be many story lines that simply are not true. Do not fall for false headlines, and trap titles by the news media.

If these accusations are true, we can turn to the Bible for answers. Jesus Christ, while talking with his disciples told them of these things. He tells us all not to dwell on the actual acts of these sick individuals, and that it would have been better for a millstone to have been hung around the neck of the perpetrator, and he be tossed into the ocean. In other words, there will be hell to pay for these kinds of acts.

Making matters worse are the reports that the Athletic Director, and University Senior Vice President lied to a Federal Grand Jury in an attempt to cover up the accusations. These are adults with a higher education level than many others in the public, and still they didn't comprehend the troubles they were bringing down on themselves, and their employer, Penn State University.

Today, there are many thousands of PSU alumni that are angered, hurt, and confused as to how this sort of thing can happen. They are not alone.

God Bless all of you.

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