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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stay Grounded in Biblical Truth

These days the news is full of horror stories. From those headlines we see the needless acts of terror. Sometimes it's a religious belief that drives the murder of our fellow man, other times the murders are carried out for greed.

 We are killing each other in record numbers when you discount the times of World Wars. 

From those that are yet unborn thru every age class, we are slaughtering the innocent. 

Jesus told his disciples that terrible times were to come. In those times, his messengers would be hated by those who do not know him and keep his commandments.

 He told them to keep the faith and guard against the evil.

 Yet he left them hope. 

 Make sure you stay grounded in Biblical truths. Love one another spiritually. Treat each other with kindness and compassion. Most importantly, keep the faith in the face of these transgressors. Your Father in Heaven will reward you at the appointed times.

God bless.

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