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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"His tears they run with blood, a splitting brow forced by the thorns, his face is writhing with the pain, yet it's comforting to me"

from: the album SEA of FACES by Kutless the song is Passion

There is so much we can derive from this little phrase. I say little, when used in this context it takes on an enormous meaning. The actuality is that it is the single most important act of love, of kindness, and of compassion this author can think of.
Am I a witness that this actually happened? Yes, and no. In the person, as a flesh and bones seen with my own two eyes, no. I will not tell that lie. No matter how old some of you think I am, I am not 2000 years old.

But am I a witness spiritually? You bet I am. I know without a doubt that the events portrayed in our bible have actually happened.
You see, it not that hard to believe if you think about it. The TRUTH is not a friend with exaggeration, tales of fancy, nor is it a friend with flirting of the facts. It is simply the TRUTH.

God has shown time and time again that he has no gray area, whether it’s dealing with truth, or obeying any of his commandments. Just on that simple fact, I know without a doubt that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ, and he shed his blood for each of us.

Next time we will talk a little about fishing.
GOD Bless each of you.

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