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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thief - Third Day

Imagine you are hanging on a cross...
The one who had been your friend,
The one whom you had been "hanging around" with is on the other cross..
The very same friend that said "hey, we could break into this house and get lots of money"
You are hanging on a cross for your transgressions
But between you and your so called friend is another
Someone who is falsely accused, blameless, who has been mistreated much worse than you
your friend on the third cross is cussing, telling the innocent one to quit talking
The innocent one is asking GOD why has thou forsaken me?
You summon the courage to tell your friend to leave him alone, he is the innocent one
That we deserve our fate, but he did no wrong
The innocent one turns to look at you
you ask him to forgive you, and you look on him with true compassion in your heart
And the real friend in your life hanging on the cross with you says
"today you shall be with me in paradise"

It's never too late. It's never too soon. You can only keep asking GOD to forgive you, and even at death's door, you can be forgiven.
GOD Bless each of you.

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