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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is GOD's word?

There is a story in the New Testament that is told by Jesus himself. He starts the the story of a man who had a vineyard, and a certain fig tree that he never received any fruit from it. Now this man loved figs, so he wanted his gardener to destroy the tree that gave no fruit, and place another in it's place.
The gardener though loved that tree. he asked his master if he could spend some time with the tree, dig about it and dung it, which is fertilizer, and then see if any good came of the tree.
If after that, the man who owned the tree found no good in it, then he could destroy the tree by fire.

Now, we know that Jesus spoke many times in parables, for he said so. this story is a parable. As simple as it seems, this story holds a deep message of God's love for us, and the love of Jesus the Christ. To clear this matter up, when I say Jesus the Christ, I am talking of his time he spent as a physical man on earth.

On to the meaning of the parable:
The man who owns the vineyard is GOD. For GOD owns everything. We are only here for a short period of time, GOD is forever, so anything we have came from GOD, belongs to GOD, and will be his when we are gone.
We are the tree in the story. Every single one of us is a fig tree. When properly taken care of we can produce "fruit" or show the world GOD's love for all mankind.
Jesus himself is the gardener, he personally stepped in, or intervened on our behalf, to keep GOD from destroying us until he could come into our lives and fertilize the word within us.
The story is told to let us know that we have the love of GOD, because the man who owns the tree, is GOD,and that GOD loves figs, which symbolize the fruits of our labor.
It also shows how Jesus the Christ gave each of us a second chance. Not only to show GOD's love to the world, but to build our relationship through the personal efforts of Jesus, who died on the cross for us all.

I hope this message finds each of you doing well. We will never ask you for money, nor will we ask you to give us your personal information. I would however plead with you to join our little group and tell your friends about what we have here. Please leave us comments whether good or bad. tell us things you would like to see, or things you would like explained. Our only hope is reach out, and ask nothing in return.

GOD Bless each of you.

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