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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Prayer Thoughts

 As you may have heard, we here at CTC have started a prayer group to pray for the players of football teams. We have several people doing this that are Auburn fans, but anyone can participate. It can be your High School team, or even, another sport team. It doesn't matter to us, the who or why, just that these players have someone prying for their lives on and off the field, or court.

 My group was selected to be Auburn football players with jersey numbers 1 through 20. The things that I prayed for, for each of these young men are safety on the field, and humbleness of heart to treat all people with kindness. I thanked God that these young men are getting an education, and that they have an opportunity to become better human beings.

 There are personal prayers that were offered, and thanks given. #17 Kris Frost tweeted just last week that he was getting Baptized last Sunday. What a joyous moment in a young man's life.

 We would encourage each of you to share some of your prayer thoughts with us, and if you would like us to include someone you know in our prayers, please by all means let us know your needs. The power that prayer brings is unimaginable, and peaceful all at once.

God bless.

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