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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Say a Little Prayer

Occasionally, I have to use this space for personal reasons. Today, I find myself having to do just that.

 In today's world of communication, we don't get to sit and talk face to face anymore. With so many forms of communication  available to us, we can message our loved ones, or tweet back a forth short messages. We can leave voice mails at home or on our portable devices, or we can talk on the phone from vast distances. Coming of age is the form of communication that, for those of us old enough to remember, is what the old Dick Tracy cartoons used, video chat.

 I have strayed far from my intent with this post, but with a point of emphasis have I done so. I write blogs. A sports blog and this one as well. I have communication with many people from many different walks of life every day. While the number of readers approaches a thousand on a daily basis,  The number of people I communicate with is around 250 or so daily, that I have never actually met face to face.

 There are some that stick out like friends. These are the ones that follow my twitter account, and read these blogs, and leave comments, or send messages. They invite me to their tailgate at football games, or simply say good morning every day. One of these friends that I have made needs your prayers.

 Her name is Marsha, she passed out on her way home the other day, and totaled her car in a wreck. Her Toyota Sequoia saved her life. She has a broken arm. The scary thing is, the Doctors do not know yet why she passed out. She is a sweet soul, and needs your prayers. If you have ever had anything wrong with your body, and the Doctors were having trouble diagnosing just what's wrong, then you know what she is going through.

 We thank GOD for saving Marsha, and wrapping her in his arms in the actual wreck, now I ask all of you to pray to him to give the Doctors the answer to their riddle.

Get well Marsha, and GOD bless.


  1. Will say a prayer for Marsha.

  2. Marsha will certainly be prayed for!