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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Miracles Happen

I really like this song for many reasons. First it's a powerful message, with an awsome music mix behind it.
Second it relates to any part of a persons life. At my age (51) this kind of message can hammer home the forgiveness of God's love.
In present day, we can see God's love perform miracles daily. Remember the request for Shon Coleman and his family from an earlier post?
Yesterday we recieved word that Shon's bone marrow cancer count was "Zero".
I know what you are thinking, it was misdiagnosed earlier. While I'll admit that is a possibility, the tumor removed from his head was not a diagnosis, it was a sign for many to see God's love manifest itself in our lives.
To not believe in miracles and say you believe in God is a lie. For God can and does perform miracles everyday. we may not see them, but you can bet someone does.
My hope and prayer is that God continues to bless each of you.
Enjoy the song, I sure do.

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